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    eCommerce | 1 min read

    How To: Set up Your EKM Shop

    The beauty of EKM is it’s simplicity, and if you've decided to opt for this UK eCommerce platform rather than the more popular Shopify, we'll guide you how to set up the basics.

    The previous guide on getting up an EKM account and taking the first steps. Once a theme has been chosen there are several components to consider next. This article is a brief walk through guide of the back end, and in particular setting up the shop!


    EKM How To: Set Up The Basics

    Essentially EKM presents the tools for eCommerce mastery as it's main interface, nothing is hard to find on this platform. The top tabs are:

      • Shop
      • Orders
      • Marketing
      • Design
      • Features
      • Settings

    basics of setting up an EKM store

    To view and begin to edit the shop’s appearance simply head to the shop tab - the current website layout is the chosen theme - with placeholders for all content.

    Every editable element has a clickable pencil at its corner which allows immediate on page editing and review.

    Clicking on an element to edit usually results in a pop up window with 2 tabs - the first asking if the element should be displayed, the second tab is the content itself.

    The themes are highly structured and adding additional elements to those displayed would require contact with the EKM team.

    Directly onto this page is where products are uploaded and categories are set - products populate on the homepage unless sub-categories are made primary. Straight off the homepage you can also display product categories and search bars so serious shops can find their desired products in less clicks.

    Some themes come with pre-made promotional elements such as ‘Free Delivery’ or 20% off. These are also editable for text - to change the appearance of the element would require going into the source code and making more fundamental changes to code.

    Each page of your website is editable in this way. Click on the menu, it takes you to the next page - and away you go!


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