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    Increase Sales | 2 min read

    It is Not Too Early to Start Looking At Lead Generation Tools for 2020

    And, you should probably start planning

    Now that the Autumn has arrived its time to start planning a growth marketing strategy for your website in 2020. Lead generation is essential to expanding your business, so it should always be near or the top of your list. Let's have a look at two of the best tools to help you generate leads in 2020.



    While it is not the newest company on the block, HubSpot continues to be a leader in marketing. HubSpot has a multitude of features that help you not only to generate leads but to nurture them as well. To generate leads, it pays to know precisely who your customers are and what it is that they want.

    HubSpot's form tool helps you to tailor forms to what your company needs to know from its customers. Instead of offering cookie-cutter forms that are so generalised that they are not much use, the software enables you to get the exact information you need from your customers. Taking a step backwards up the conversion funnel, in order to have a customer fill out your form, there needs to be a strong call to action, and of course, HubSpot also has a tool for that; the CTA building tool.

    Of course, SEO is still the top way to inbound market, and the HubSpot Blogging tool lets you get your message across. Conveying your mapped out brand identity and core values, by first finding and then using the right keywords. Help in making your blog content as search engine friendly as possible and then organising that content on your website in a way that enhances your SEO rankings.

    All of these tools are valuable on their own, but as part of HubSpot, you also be able to pop the bonnet and see the analytics on how all of these tools are working together. Insights gained from analytics will allow you to make adjustments as you go so that each feature works better for your company in the long run.


    Lead Magnets (aka Content Offers).

    These free content assets allow you to offer your customers something with actual value. Lead magnets should be gated with a form before a download can be made in order to collect data from the lead. Here are a few examples of lead magnets you can offer on your site.

    • Ebooks
    • Product Discounts
    • Loyalty cards
    • Webinars regarding how to use your product
    • Free trials for products or subscriptions
    • Training videos

    These not only let you get information on who your customers are; it gives you another way to build brand recognition and show your potential customer that you actually do have value which can be useful to them. Best practice is after the lead has completed the form you redirect to a thank you page where they can download the item promised.

    Thank you pages with vibrant colours and links to share your site on social media tend to work well, and of course a sincere thank you message. You could also offer a coupon code with the download if it was something other than a discount which was downloaded.

    Consider A/B test what giveaways work best and continually make adjustments to reach better and keep customers.

    To Sum Up.

    Both HubSpot and using content offers let you build your brand and attract potential customers to your website, before expertly converting them into business leads. Follow these tips and 2020 will see yet another increase in sales, will you be ready?

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